You may be looking at this website because you’ve heard about Bob, the Man on the Moon. He’s the one who goes to the Moon every day and keeps it all tidy for the tourists.

If that’s the case then you’ve come to the right place as you’ll find out a lot more about Bob here.

Bob is beginning to be quite important in this Universe. Already there are two picture books about him, also some longer books about his adventures with his new friend Barry, and now there’s even a play about him.

The funny thing about Bob is that he never sees aliens. Every day there are some more aliens who climb aboard his rocket when it’s on the Moon and he’s not looking. When he arrives back on Earth they get off and start mingling with the people on Earth but Bob just doesn’t see them. In fact he’s sure there are no aliens on Earth. What do you think though?

However, we mustn’t confuse Bob with his creator. That’s Simon Bartram. He’s an illustrator who started off by illustrating other people’s stories but then he found that he could write his own. Since then, he’s been so busy writing about Bob that he does that nearly all the time.

Simon Bartram
Simon Bartram